Photoshop Shining Text Animation  

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Follow these guidelines to create the signature.

1. Make a signature and add a text-layer (Make sure the layer doesn't have any layer-style)

A fancy text animation

2. Create a new layer;

Grab your gradient-tool and set it to Reflected Gradient

image 2

3. Create something like this and press: Ctrl+I

image 3

4. Press: Ctrl+U and set it to your favourite color;

Press Ctrl+G and set the blending option to "Lighten";

And press this button

image 4

5. When in Image-Ready, select the gradient-layer;

Move it all the way out of the text so that you can't see it (left);

Press this button and select "New frame"

image 5

6. Press right until you see the gradient move to the other side of the text-area;

Press this button and select these options

image 6

7. Save Optimised as, and it should look like this

A fancy Text-animation Tutorial: Final Result

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