ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation  

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Here's a few simple steps to create a gravity ball animation effect.

Open ImageReady, start a new document. I started with a preset of 297 x 300.
Next, select the 'Rectangle Tool (U)' from the Toolbar, with a foreground color of your choice (I used #CCBDA8) and 'Create New Shape Layer' active on the Options Bar, draw a basic shape as I have captured below.

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

This is the Layers Palette view.

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

Next, with the 'Shape 1' layer active (highlighted in blue), click the 'Add a mask' button on the bottom of the Layers Palette (encased in red below), to add a new Layer Mask Thumbnail between the Layer Thumbnail & the Vector Mask Thumbnail. (Pointing red arrow).

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

Next, activate the new 'Layer Mask' by clicking on it. Then select the 'Pencil Tool (B)', set your foreground color to Black (#000000) and with a brush tip size of 27, (or of your choice) make a single click inside the Shape, and you should have something similar to below.

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

And here is the Layers Palette view.
Note: I enlarged the Layers Palette preview so you can see that the above Pencil click is onto the Layer Mask.
As with Layer Masks, painting with Black, HIDES. So essentially, all I did was knock a hole into Shape 1 layer, thus revealing the white color underneath from the default background layer.

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

As a final preparation before the animation, turn off the two Links between the Layer Thmbnails by single clicking on them. This will allow us to move the mask around during the animation without having to create additional layers for the effect.

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

Lets animate this Mask!

Go 'Window/Animation' to bring the Animation Palette to the foreground.

Make sure that no options are selected from the 'Animation Palette' menu, as captured below.

ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

To begin:
  • Duplicate current Frame

  • ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

  • Activate the new frame

  • Click on the Layer Mask Thumbnail
  • Select the 'Move Tool (V)'

  • Hold the Shift key & drag the mask in the desired direction.

  • Repeat process with each additional frames added.

  • ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation

    Here is my final version. Click the DemoReel graphic below, then click the main graphic to Play/Replay.
    Note: My final animation has been tweaked with play back features not outlined in this tutorial.

    ImageReady Gravity Ball Animation


    1. Created a Shape Layer
    2. Added a Layer Mask
    3. With Pencil Tool painted a Black hole onto the LayerMask
    4. Unlinked the Layer Thumnails
    5. Open Animation Palette
    6. Duplicate Frames & with the Move Tool adjusted the position of the Layer Mask to simulate a gravity drop.

    I must point out that this method is quite useful for two reasons.
    A.) The file size of my final animation is only 3k
    B.) Only a single layer was used. The Layer mask did all the work.

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