Decorating Your Photo's Background  

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Learn how to use some brushes and blending techniques to decorate a photo's background

Open the picture below, then press Ctrl+J to duplicate layer

Use Pen tool to make a selection like this:

Click on the eye of layer background to hide that layer

Hit Delete key, you will have:

Click on the eye of layer background to show it again, pick Gradient tool and set properties like this:

Apply gradient color to layer background, you will get the result:

You can put some text on layer background

Pick Brush tool and select these brush (Download these brushes at the end of this tutorial)

Apply brush to background layer, you will get the result:

Add a text to the picture, in this tutorial I used font Transylvania

Select layer "Background copy" then press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance, set properties like this:

You will get:

Open Brush tool and pick this brush:

Apply it to the picture:

Merge Visible all layers then use Crop tool to crop the picture like this:

Go to Image -> Adjustment -> Brightness/Contrast to adjust the contrast of picture

Press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance

Press Ctrl+L to open Levels, set properties like this:

Finally, you will get the result:

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